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Redbay Stormforce 8.4 Open

Initially developed as a prototype inshore rescue boat for testing by the RNLI the Stormforce 8.4 open RIB operates in a class of it's own. It has taken many forms over the years but has proven most popular in the patrol and seas-safari sectors. It is a wide bodied RIB which can carry up to 14 persons and can be powered by either outboard or diesel stern-drive. It was the first single engine RIIB in the range to offer endurance beyond 300Nm.

Stormforce 8.4 Open


The 8.4 is based on the classic Redbay design of a deep V prismatic hullform, combined with spray rails for additional lift. This combination gives exceptional ride and comfort in rough conditions without compromising the performance of the hull. The hull is manufactured from GRP.


With this size of RIB, a diesel sterndrive tends to become the more popular option, giving a good combination of cruising speed and range (up to 450 miles). The 8.4 is also available as either a single or twin outboard.

The 8.4 is normally fitted with a full width single lid engine bay for the sterndrive version. The outboard version can be either be an open transom or be fitted with an engine draining well incorporating additional stern seating.

The Stormforce 8.4 can be fitted with any of our consoles, and has also been fitted with POD style seating for 12+2 passengers. Other versions of the 8.4 include Cabin, Canopy and the Expedition - see the individual sections for more details.


The Stormforce 8.4 was first developed for the RNLI, and has subsequently become one of the most popular RIBs in our range. It is an extremely versatile hull, and has been successfully used for both commercial and leisure users.

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