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Johnson 225 HP

The strong, silent type.

Exceptionally quiet, light, and lightning quick, our four-strokes are built to run through everything. From the smooth but lively 90 to the gutsy V6 225, each boasts digital sequential multi-port fuel injection for precise fuel mix, crisp throttle response and excellent fuel economy. Dual overhead cams with 4 valves per cylinder for more power and top-end speed. A maintenance-minimizing hydraulic timing chain tensioner. A Carb 3-Star or EU2005 rating. And an offset drive that provides better balance on the water. The smooth, quiet power of the Johnson 140 makes it the perfect alternative to bigger, bulkier, pricier 150s.

Note: This model may not be available in your country. Please check with your local Johnson dealer.


Shaft length in/mm:
Weight lbs/kg:
Engine Type:
Bore x Stroke in/mm:
Displacement cu/cc:
Trim Method:
Propshaft HP (kw):
Full Throttle Range:
Gear Ratio/Shift:
Fuel Induction:
Limited Warranty:
Emissions Compliance:
ID: 76

Johnson 225 HP Dealers:

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See Bombardier at http://www.brp.com/

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