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2007 Work Boat For Sale and Charter
1084BSB WORK BOAT Work Boat For Sale and Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - OTHER DETAILS Deck cargo capacity 30.5 tons Rescue boat Certified to sail out of Spain Only available for Time Charter, not Bare Boat Charter.... read more

Length: 24m
Location:WEST MED Spain
Price: €690,000
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ID: 594015  (Trade)
Posted: 12 hours ago

1977 TUG Single Screw
1977 TUG Single Screw   €210,000
969BSB 1977 TUG Single Screw Tug For Sale FROM DIRECT OWNERS CARGO AND TANKS CAPACITIES Deck Cargo (tons) 35 OTHER DETAILS Latest dry dock: October 2018 Bollard pull: 30 tons RPM:800 BrevoLamiaco Gearbox Propulsion: fixed pitch propeller Electrohydraulic Hidrapilot Kort nozzle FIFI pump run by MWM Diter D/225/6 engines Mechanic towing hook with manual hydraulic shot FIFI pump type L13 Worthington with cap 130 m3/h. Free deck space for 33 pallets approx. Fuel tanks capacity: 70 tons. Fresh water tanks capacity: 10.5 tons. Ballast tanks capacity: 10 tons. Oil tank capacit... read more

Length: 26.80m
Location:EUROPE Spain
Price: €210,000
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ID: 460785  (Trade)
Posted: 19 hours ago

774-BSB OIL RECOVERY AND BUNKERING TANKER FOR SALE - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - CARGO CAPACITIES Deck Cargo 10 tons Deck Area for about 10 pallets Potable Water (vessel) 13,40 m3 Ballast water 54 m3 Loading tank(3) 97 m3 aprox. Loading pump (a 6 cst) 2x25 m3/h. 8 bar Range at sea 5 days Fuel consumptions 60 litres diesel per hour OTHER DETAILS REC OIL AND BUNKERING TANKER DOUBLE HULL AND DOUBLE BOTTOM HEATING COILS... read more

Length: 20.20m
Location: Spain
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ID: 288754  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

2015 PILOT BOAT For Sale
2015 PILOT BOAT For Sale   €315,000
DO0175 PILOT BOAT For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Length waterline: 10,7m Displacement (full load): 6.400 kg Propeller/s: Z-drive with duoprop 1 x bowthruster Craftsmann 85kgf – 12V Steering system: Hydraulic steering Range: 260nm Batteries: 12V, start + consume + thruster + radio FENDER: The fender is composed of rigid foam filled profile, covered with PUR, to guarantee maximum buoyancy. The fender has a D shape profile to increase the internal usable beam. FUEL TANK: Integrated composite approx. 350litre tank with hatch and filling protection. Electronic fuel gauge f... read more

Length: 12m
Location:NORTH EUROPE Spain
Price: €315,000
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ID: 633556  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

2009 Work Boat For Sale & Charter
1081BSB Workboat Work Boat For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - OTHER DETAILS 1 x Towing Hook 7 tons Main engine partially overhauled in 2015. Starboard auxiliary engine: 360 hp Volvo Penta, 250 KVA Port Auxiliary engine: 240 hp Volvo Penta, 100 KVA Harbour aux engine: 70 hp Ventus, 25 KVA. Bow thruster: 100 hp. Maximum deck cargo capacity 33.5 tons. Engine room air intake raised by 600 mm. Two new 5t hydraulic capstans fore and aft on the port side. A new 4 ring cooker with oven and grill. The rails around the deck area have been raised to ... read more

Length: 22.90m
Location:NORTH EUROPE Spain
Price: £720,000
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ID: 633553  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

32tbp Spanish Tugboat
766-BSB 32 TBP TUGBOAT FOR SALE AND CHARTER - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - CARGO AND TANKS CAPACITIES Deck Cargo (tons) 25 Deck Area (m2) 40 m2 OTHER DETAILS 34 TBP (certified) Last dry dock: February 2017 Kort Nozzle - No Bow Thruster Towing Winch 700 m 36 mm diameter Hook 1 SEEBECK HM-CS-TB Lub oil (vessel) 7.44 mt Endurance about 20-25 days Fuel consumption: at 70PC (2527 tbp) = 28004000 litres per day at 100PC (34 tbp) = up to 7000 litres per day LIFE RAFT: 2 Unitor x 10 people SPEEDBOAT: 1 with outboard engine 25hp LIFE JACKETS 12, SURVIVAL SUITS 8 FIFI WATER FOAM:M500 m3 ... read more

Length: 25m
Location:South Europe Spain
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ID: 448852  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

1969 Work Boat For Sale
1969 Work Boat For Sale   €400,000
1104BSB WORK BOAT Work Boat For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Rebuilt in Spain in 2016 (600,000 euros spent on the Vessel at that time) Hopper Cargo 600 tons FREE DECK AREA 72 m2, 20 m2 BOW TANKS CAPACITIES 400 litres bilge collection tank 100 tons of small cargoes and tools can be loaded on board well distributed. 2 x portable tanks for liquid cargo of 40 tons each.... read more

Length: 33m
Location:EUROPE Spain
Price: €400,000
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ID: 614574  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

1993 Crew Boat For Sale
1993 Crew Boat For Sale   €195,000
1121BSB CREW BOAT Crew Boat For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Designed for long voyages, for mainly independent crafts, with waves > 4 m and wind > 8 Beaufort Deep-V hull with spray rails and swimming platform Floor timbers at a distance of approx. 400 mm each. CARGO, TANKS CAPACITIES & RANGE AT SEA Range at sea (nm) about 300 nm Fuel consumptions at 16 knots about 35 litres per hour at 29 knots about 110 litres per hour... read more

Length: 14.60m
Location:EUROPE Spain
Price: €195,000
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ID: 632948  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

1980 Work Boat For Sale & Charter
1093BSB WORK BOAT Work Boat For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 499 GT Single hull/bottom Marpol barge tanker FP > 60º The vessel has been used for fresh water supply, MARPOL I waste (sludge, slops and bilge water) collection with Flash Point over 60º and lub oil supply. It can be easily adapted for gasoil / fuel oil supply with same pumps. Main duties: MARPOL, Water Barge, Lubes barge, Cargo Barge Tank Capacity: Total cargo tank capacity is 634 m3 in single hull/bott... read more

Length: 37m
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ID: 603674  (Trade)
Posted: 12 days ago

Two Bulk vessels 20000 Tonnes Spain
Dear Sir, We need two bulk vessels for transport of granular products with a maximum capacity of 20000 Tonnes each. Do not send offers for more than 20000 Tonnes for technical reasons. Mainly the product to be transported is Urea. If you do not have the required vessel type (mainly for usage as explained earlier), please do not quote. Please send the best choices only with photographs and prices. We are in Spain and the goods to be transported are in Gulf. May be the location factor is important for you. Include the word "Ship" in the subject line because I shall need to f... read more

Location:Valladolid Spain
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ID: 639241 (Private)
Posted: 15 days ago

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