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[REF023] Refrigerating fish-processor ship Flag – Russia Year and place of built – 2004, Wuzhou Shipbuilding Industry, China LOA/LBP – 65.10/58.94 m. Breadth – 10.99 m. Depth – 5.00 m. Draught – 4.20 m. GRT/NRT – 1028/466 DWT – 1098 mts. Speed – 10 kn Main engine – ZICHAI 6300ZLCA 1x551 kW. Auxiliary engines – NINGBO 2x200 kW, 2x28 kW, 1x75 kW Emergency diesel-generator – HBE 4105ZD4 1x56 kW Consumption – 2.6 tons per day at sea, 600 kg at harbor (freezers are switched on) HO/HA – 3/2, TTL volume 1... read more

Length: 65.10m
Location:Black Sea Russia
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ID: 606534  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

SRTM K (Russian type) for fishing, processing, storage for Crab for sale on North Sea Built: 1992, Ukraine Dimensions: LOA: 55 m, Beam: 10.15 m, Length: 50 m, Depth: 5 m, Draft: 4.1 m Tonnage: GT: 750 t, DWT: 415 t, NT: 225 t, Displacement: 1200 t Class: RMRS (IACS), ice class L3 (1C), next SS Mar 2019 Main engine: 1x MTU (Germany) 1145 hp. Gen set: 4x 150 kW each Lifting equipment: 2x cargo booms 0.9 t Capacity: 2x ref. holds 415 cbm (temp: -18C, amonium coolant), trawl winch: 6.3 ts, drum capacity 2200 m, productivity: frozen fish: 22 t/day Inspection on North Sea, Russia ID on... read more

Length: 55m
Location: Russia
Price: $400,000
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ID: 595053  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

Length: 49'
Location:SOCHI Russia
Price: €440,000 Ex. Tax
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ID: 407862  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

Ice Breaker Built 1983 Canada Ice Strengthening: Canada CAC 3 Equivalent ASPPR Arctic Class 4 (KM 7) Deadweight: 2076 tonnes Flag: Russian Federation Class: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (IACS) Overdue since Oct 2018 Length o all : 88 m Beam Extreme: 17.80 m Depth Moulded to Main deck -10 m Draft: 8.3m Main Engine: (4) 8TM410 Diesel, 5,600 hp each, RPM: 600 Propulsion Power: 22,400 hp Auxiliary diesels: 2 x 750 kW each Thrusters AFT: Plueger WV-130-500-370 kW Thrusters BOW: Zamech BC25-15, 880kW Propellers: 2 C.P.P. 4 blades Bollard Pull: 1796kN according to trials... read more

Length: 88.00m
Location: Russia
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ID: 604496  (Trade)
Posted: 19 days ago

Craned MPP dutch blt vsl 9100 t dwt for sale Built: 2002, Netherlands Dimensions: LOA: 130 m, Beam: 17 m, Depth: 10 m, Draft: 7 m Tonnage: GT: 6570 t, DWT: 9100 t, NT: 2880 t, Class: RMRS (IACS), ice class LU1 (1A), next SS Nov 2022 Main engine: 1x Wartsila (Italy) 5800 hp. Speed 13 knts. Gen set: 3x 275 kW, 1x shaft gen Lifting equipment: 2x cranes 60 t each. Capacity: DWT: 9100 t, 2Ho/2Ha, total vol. (grain): 11150 cbm, 500 teu, box type Trading North Sea. ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0467 Price: 4 mln USD netto to owners http://www.cemastco.com... read more

Length: 130m
Location: Russia
Price: $4,000,000
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ID: 593211  (Trade)
Posted: 27 days ago

This is a 93’ Catamaran Passenger Ferry built in Russia in 2011. It carries up to 223 passengers. It is RS Class and class certificates are valid until 2017. Speed is 25 knots. The Ship has only been operated 300 hours and is in like new condition.... read more

Length: 93'
Location: Russia
Price: $2,700,000
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ID: 480904  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

SWR-120 is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty, high-speed planing boat designed for operation in costal sea areas, in open sea as a daughtercraft and in lakes and rivers in any climate zone, provided that the water is clear of ice. Depending on the equipment installed, the boat can be customized as Search and Rescue, Patrol, Work, Pilot, Crewtender, Diving support, Hydrographic survey or a Daughter craft.... read more

Length: 11.99m
Location: Russia
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ID: 591716  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

With more than 60 years in activity and over 8,000 vessels launched, Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau designs and manufactures hydrofoils, air-cavity vessels, hovercrafts, transport-amphibian platforms, ekranoplans . Besides commercial vessels this shipyard produces high performance pleasure boats which take advantage of the leading-edge technology and broad experience developed, vessels that combine top performance, passenger comfort and ease of use. SAGARIS has been specifically designed to offer exhilarating high speeds in a small and easily handed motorboat. Used as a t... read more

Length: 10.5m
Location: Russia
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ID: 591676  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

[YHT010] Cruising sailing double masts rarity yacht for sale Flag – Ukraine Year and place of built – 1956, Finland Length – 48.50 m. LWL – 35.80 m. Breadth – 9.60 m. Depth – 4.30 m. Draught – 3.07 m. GRT/NRT – 367/- Hull, superstructure material - mahogany Main engine – SKL, 1x300 bhp Accommodation – 6 guest cabins, 5 crew cabins, crew salon, 2 companion cabins, bar, music salon, 8 toilets, galley Yacht is passing restoration repair of deck, equipments, interior, equipped new galley, toilets Class – KM*III pleasure, ... read more

Length: 48.50m
Location: Russia
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ID: 456485  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

[DRG022] Sea-going non self-propelled backhoe dredger for sale Flag – Kazakhstan Design project – 2009(M-SP)-90-01 Year and place of built – 2010, Saint-Petersburg Length –48.62 m. Breadth – 13.65 m. Depth – 3.2 m. Draught – 1.95 m. Air-draft – 24.0 m GRT/NRT – 547/164 Displacement – 932.5 mts. Hull/Superstructure material – Steel/Steel Excavator KOMATSU RS 1800 Bucket volume – 12 cbm, 8.5 cbm, 3.5 cbm Productivity – 250-400 cbm/hour Dredging depth max – 12 m Auxiliary engine – 1x90 kW, 1x3... read more

Length: 48.62m
Location:Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan Russia
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ID: 456483  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

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