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Fjord 40 Open

A boat fair in Hannover, North Germany, in the late Fifties. For visitor Alf Richard Bjercke it would become the defining force
for Fjord. The world needs boats. Adopting the Ford mantra of a “car for everybody”, he determined that this is exactly the
way his boats should work. In a very Norwegian way: resolute and reliable like a Viking. Honest, seaworthy and solid.
Ten years after over 700 employees provide satisfaction for all Fjord-owners. During these years Fjord left all European
shipyards for motorboats behind. The oil crisis in 1973 destroyed all dreams of expansion. But in the late Seventies the
brand is back and created the 28 foot long GRP Fjord “Terne“. Fjord concentrates production on this boat and a smaller
one. Terne was very individually with great attention to detail, not a boat for everyone.
In 2007 HanseYachts AG entered Fjord. At the beginning they introduced the Fjord 40 Open, a twelve meter long glider
with 40 knots potential and a spectacular design: clear, cutting edged and uncomplicated. This style was unknown to the
40-foot-class. 2011 the little sister Fjord 36 Open was put to sea. And there is more to come. The new Fjord-series are
being created on the Cote d´Azur by well known designer Patrick Banfield. HanseYachts AG brings the production experience
as one of the most modern European yacht shipyards. Tradition, experience and modern design live together in harmony.


Length Overall:11.99m
Diesel tank:1000 L
Water tank:300 L
Displacement:8.2 t
Speed:30 - 41 knots
Engine:2 x 370 HP IPS 500 + IPS Joystick
Design:Watervision Allseas Design
ID: 4151

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